Author: Jesse Sheather

4 Cones To Glory

How many colors does the human eye see?

You see red, green & blue colors if you are a trichromatic(three cones to perceive {R, G, B})… but some of us also see red-green(leveled yellow)… These individuals are tetrachromats (four cones to perceive {R, R-G, G, B}) and can see around 9 million more colors than trichromats.

Tetrachromatic painting by Concetta Antico

Up Where She Belongs – Concetta Antico

This is a ~mutation~superpower I have been fascinated by for quite a number of years now. Artists like Concetta Antico( who are tetrachromats produce art with a color palette only understandable to their eyes, but equally as pleasing to trichromats and tetrachromats alike.

The most interesting part of this human difference(also present in a small percentile of animals) is the struggles of living in modern society. We think about our lighting, colors, screens & clothing as trichromats… but often a tetrachromat finds it hard to even be around our inventions due to light radiation which most people cannot see for themselves.

After meeting the founder of enchroma (, producer of color glasses for color-blind individuals, my eyes were opened to how cones can be manipulated and affect our perception.

We find differences between each individual’s perception even given similar physiology, once you add all of the mutations and anomalies we realize there is always something new to find and create. We also must remember the fact that even if tetrachromacy feels like some superpower, an equal amount of individuals have color-blindness to some degree, some with tetrachromacy are not able to function properly, and we must build and create things which can be used by all and can help us all!

How would you feel if you were born with color-blindness or tetrachromacy? Were you? Let us know below!



Did you know…. the SpaceJam website is STILL UP AND OPERATING!!!???


I remember going to this site as a much younger child (than the older child I am now), the fact it is still online, shows how lasting your digital designs can be and why you should make them count!

Visit: HERE If you want to see it in 2018! All links seem to be functioning at 1996 levels!

-Originally posted in 1996 to go along with the release of Space Jam the movie!